How to Cook, how to make Caramelized Crisps, khraengkrop.

### Ingredients used to make Caramelized Crisps ###

– Wheat flour (wheat flour), 1 kilo.
– 3 eggs
– Pip sugar 1 1/2 kilo of one half.
– Coconut (grated) 1 1/2. One and a half kilo
– Salt 1/2 teaspoon half.
– Lard

### how to make Caramelized Crisps ###

1. bring coconuts to bring coconut milk, juice, until the flour miracle Middle insert sink mixer, a hole to pour a cup coconut milk 2 cups water 3 eggs, then massage the rub into each other.

2. well, then bring the dough to a fork at the printer until the dough thoroughly dominate a phar accommodation is provided and a damp dough.

3. set the pan to medium heat. Put the lard, the boiling oil. Remove the frying, Phar Lap, dominate the toast up, drain oil.

4. use soft light brass wok, pour sugar into. A little water simmer until sugar dissolves, as concentrated as Bael. Put the salt down to. Stir.

5. remove the covers down to the phar with possessing a sugar. Gradually the people around and the dry elevated property eaten yet, or allow a dozen muscular hot long.


Caramelized Crisps, khraengkrop

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