How to make Kaeng Hung Ley recipes, ingredients and cooking process Kaeng Hung Ley

### Ingredients used to make Kaeng Hung Ley ###

-Pork with fried pork (combined), 1 kilo.
-Coconut, 1 kilo
-1 tbsp sugar
-Chili, Thailand 8 tablets
Cardamom-6 results
-1 teaspoon coriander
-12 dried chilli
-Ginger 5 glasses
Galangal-3 glasses
-Red onion
-Foeniculum vulgare
-Fish sauce

### How to make Kaeng Hung Ley ###

1. pork and fried pork to clear water, clean and cut into pieces about 2 inches thick rectangle and then put the Bowl on hold.

2. bring the coconut to extract juice, coconut milk in warm water and pour it into separate parts to mix with a little pork, fish sauce, sugar, then fill, enough with the taste and texture to match the mix then leads to fermentation in the fridge for 30 minutes.

3. continue until you have served in the middle and the tail in coconut milk. Place saucepan and bring to boil soft hold fermented into space. The man gently all over low heat until stew beef.

4. between them, sheep, grain, dry chillies and FRY in oil, hold lap frame.

5. cardamom lamb meat from hammered and then remove it, but bring a Thailand pepper, ginger, sliced. Parsley balls The ball went down the Pan roasted fennel in the weak light roast until fragrant, then put the garlic and shallot Peel mortars Curry all pounded.

6. bring the coconut milk, juice, split down the Pan and stew until coconut milk cracked it in chili sauce, scoop the mortars pounding down the fried onion, to eight houses and then scoop all put into a pot and stew of pork intended. People all around. Seasoned with fish sauce, add a little flaky, sweet-salty taste.

7. simmer snapped Fill the tail down to coconut milk, chili sauce, good grip and into the middle of pork in coconut milk again. Simmer until further boil is completed. Scoop lift serving dish

Kaeng Hung Ley

Kaeng Hung Ley

Kaeng Hung Ley

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