How to make Thai Golden Bag recipes. Seasoning and cooking process. Thai Golden Bag.

### Ingredients used to make Thai Golden Bag ###

– The spring rolls (5-inch), 20 sheets
– shrimp, crushed ½ cup half
– pork ½ cup half
– garlic (peeled), 5 cloves
– coriander (chopped into small pieces) ½ a tablespoon
– yam soup. (cut into small pieces) 2 tablespoons
– sauce 1 teaspoon
– 1 teaspoon soy sauce
– blanched celery stalks, shredded and then the 3
– 3 cups vegetable oil
– salt
– pepper.

### How to make Thai Golden Bag ###

1. garlic parsley root. Thailand pepper (a little) to put together detailed pounded Cup hold.

2. bring meat, shrimp, jicama, pork grind, grind down to the combination that pounded forth, followed by salt (slightly) the seasoning sauce, soy sauce, and mix well.

3. place the plate on a flat plate spring rolls filling approximately 1 tablespoon tattoo put the middle. Catch a man gathering up the flour bags tied up with chat, boiled celery, is organizing a late bag flatten dough until all the sheets pretty.

4. put oil in a hot wok until Put the bag of gold down to fry until cooked rice around the slice, drain the oil.

5. to insert a Java yariang, beautiful. Serve with fresh fried (cabbage SOI) chom with sweet plum sauce.


Thai Golden Bag